Hello 👋🏼 Chris and I have decided that instead of the usual wedding gift registry (and we are not having a Bridal Shower in PA), we would instead prefer a gift of money which we will use for our honeymoon!! Being that we are both very practical people, we figure that we are resourceful enough to provide ourselves with the things that we will need to live together. What we would love to have instead of a blanket, waffle maker, or shower curtain, is memories together. When we first met, on our deployment to Bagram 5 years ago, we made so many memories together as we quickly became best friends and spent most of every single day together, talking for hours. Now that we are (finally) taking the plunge together, we hope that you will share our excitement of  ”doing life together"  with us and help us make some new memories! Thank you all ❤️

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